What do Leaders Need to Know to Succeed with Agile Testing

Learn how to influence your leaders as they shift their mindset towards building quality in from the beginning.

When an organization transitions from using phased and gated methods to using agile, general training is usually provided for the teams, but very little information is provided to leadership about what that means for quality and testing – to the team or to the organization.

Teams often suffer the consequences because the leaders don’t understand their role. In this talk, Janet shares her experiences in what leaders need to know about testing and building quality into their products to help their agile teams succeed. For example, testers may struggle because they are treated as “plug and play” resources, assigned to more than one team while being expected to be equally valuable to all the teams. This sets them and their team up for failure since they cannot be in two places at once. Janet gives ideas on how teams and individuals can help influence and share that message with their leaders.

Transitioning to agile is more than a process change, it is a mindset change – not only for the delivery teams but for everyone in the organization, especially the leaders who are expected to set the vision for the company. Learn how to influence your leaders as they shift their mindset to building quality in.