Little Red Riding Hood and the forest of broken windows

30-minute New Voice Talk

Deleting tests can be an appropriate instrument to steer Quality Awareness


3:10 p.m. – 3:40 p.m. Tuesday 5th


Room F1 - Track 1: Talks


Everyone feeling responsible and willing to take a different approach to get the job done - properly


  • Avoid broken window effect is key
  • Deleted tests help sharpen an acute sense of responsibility
  • Maximum transparency / attention guaranteed
  • Keep quality of test results high
  • Enforce collaboration

A modern tale of how to survive transition to agile by deleting tests

On the road to agility there are many obstacles to tackle.

One of them being that while everybody is trying to keep the deadline and deliver all the features requested, tests break. Many tests break. Way too many tests break in a short period of time.

New goals need to be met while the old ones are abandoned. (Aka PBIs get reprioritized). Code remains half done or dysfunctional in the system. Tests stay broken.

The “broken windows effect” kicks in.

Orientation gets lost and then it goes south from there.

This talk is about a way out of that forest of broken windows. It describes how to transform “deleted” tests into a valuable measurement of code quality and how to make the stakeholders pay attention to quality again.

And eventually deliver value in time.

“Deleting tests” might be “a bit” controversial.

That’s the beauty of it. Special measures for times of change.

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