Managing bugs using an e2e philosophy

30-minute Talk

Fresh ideas to move your company culture from hundreds of bugs to a minimum


11:55 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. Tuesday 5th


Room F3 - Track 3: Talks


QA, Tester, Manager, Product Owner, Lead


  • Tips for managing and sorting bugs in an agile environment, involving teams in their failures
  • Improve the culture of the company to an end to end philosophy
  • Sharing bugs workflows
  • Sharing bug metrics for making decisions

I would like to show you how a detected problem is managed in one of the most important European FinTech companies, where around 50 tech engineers are supporting more than 1000 operational users.

I will share the evolution of our bugs workflows and how we have changed our philosophy till nowadays, moving from more than a hundred bugs to less than 15 opened bugs for our main projects.

Given we apply an end-to-end philosophy to our daily work, teams are responsible from user story creation through it is delivered, working and supported after release too. It means that if a bug is detected in Production (it doesn’t matter if it was detected by final users, quality members or other technical folks) it will be escalated to an assigned Agile team and depending on the complexity and the urgency of this issue, it could be treated in the current Sprint, the next one, or as a hotfix in order to be deployed as soon as possible.

In this session I will list our automated quality gates executed during the SDLC of a bug, and how we can make important decisions based on our bugs metrics

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