How to Deliver High-Quality Software & Accelerate Growth

Lessons from over 120 of the world’s leading engineering & QA teams including Google, Etsy, The New York Times, HelloFresh, King, GitHub and more.

Learn how high-performing teams have adopted modern software principles to deliver high-quality software for a world-class customer experience.

This session will teach you how to create a culture of quality and increase the value QA brings to your company.

Building your strategy to implement a culture of quality begins with identifying your ‘quality narrative’. I’ll explore the three key narratives and facilitate a discussion on each whilst helping you identify yours.

I’ll then show you the tools you can use to change that current quality narrative, by influencing empathy between teams and cultivating internal quality champions using lessons learned from Etsy.

I’ll open a discussion on how to increase the value of QA in your company, showing you effective methods of identifying your most effective growth metrics. With hands-on experience from Airbnb, Slack and Twitter, you will leave with an action plan on how to motivate and align your QA team for success.

Main takeaways from this session are:

- Understand your company’s quality narrative

- Become a student of influence

- Align your teams to company growth metrics

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