NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


Generate Your Product Roadmap

Can't prioritize? Use this 6 week process to generate your Product Roadmap

A workshop that introduces the Roadmap Generation and Foundational Design process with a focus on AI Products.

A workshop that introduces the Roadmap Generation and Foundational Design process with a focus on AI Products. A fast-paced and collaborative period focused on understanding the current state, identification of strategic opportunities, defining requirements, the creation of a vision of the future, and definition of staged plan to evolve the product experience. We’ll spend the first portion of the workshop developing a more detailed, shared understanding of the intent and objectives of our A.I. product. Without a sense of purpose and a scope to accomplish it, anything we do is equally ok. But once we have intent we start attacking it in a methodical way. We do that by setting objectives. Participants will conduct an audit of the existing ecosystem to catalog the range of products, data components, and features (including algorithms or MLs) that will need to be ported to the product roadmap. After defining the product Intent, Strategies and Objectives, we’ll dig deeper into highest priority needs. A proposed product blueprint will define the structure of the product journey. With a defined experience map, we will facilitate discussions and propose initiatives for how key features and components deliver measurable value to your users. Participants will explore how the many initiatives will need to evolve to align with strategic objectives. They will then refine and extend the best of these approaches. They will also identify high- priority OKR’s (Objective and Key Results). At this stage, we’ll begin converging those OKRs into a unified roadmap to prepare for iterative development sprints. Roadmaps are essential to giving your organization direction, motivating teams and ensuring you deliver the right thing in the right time frame. Worksop Requires A broad understanding of defining a product and working within a Machine Learning Framework.

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