NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Andreas Siewert

Andreas Siewert

After self-teaching some basics in programming i went to university in Hannover and studied computer science. Achieving the Bachelors degree, i wanted to get on-hand practical experience and started working at Bredex in Germany.

As part of an agile team, I started programming in a big long-existing project. Even after a short time I managed to not only improve my skills but also start improving processes and methods – soft factors as well as programming wise.

To me it was important to work in an agile Team and environment because of the flexibility and regular contact to the customer to ensure a product that fits his vision.

Even though working there for only a year I already was trusted with helping and training interns and apprentices as well as leading and implementing bigger and complex new functionalities for our product. To do so i had to be in regular contact with our customer and develop solutions that fit their needs.

Sessions Hosted by Andreas Siewert

30-minute New Voice Talk

Beginner session

Wednesday 6th
Room F1 - Track 1: New Voices

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