NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


The Five Quality Metrics You’ll Ever Need

The important metrics are not internal ones: code coverage, bugs caught or test cases executed. Measure outcomes, not activities. Track actionable metrics and analyze them to gain deep knowledge.

How can you measure the impact of a quality improvement initiative? Did the adoption of test driven development made any difference? By how much, exactly? Or maybe the three additional QA engineers were better investment? Can you predict with 99% accuracy how many customer complains you’ll receive next week? How many hotfixes you’ll need to work on? And how can you measure such an elusive concept as “quality” anyway?

We drown in a sea of data and yet we can’t seem to make any sense of it. It’s so overwhelming for the most of us that we just give up. We continue to make decision based on gut feelings and anecdotes from conference presentations.

This talk will focus on the five most important quality metrics (bug count before release is not one of them, nor is code coverage percentage). Those metrics are actionable, focused on outcomes instead of activities. They balance and complement each other. They are simple and yet very powerful. I’ll show you how we use them daily at to guide our development process, evaluate solutions and act as an early warning system.

You will also learn a very powerful and statistically proven way to analyze the numbers behind the metrics and convert information to knowledge and knowledge to wisdom. You will know when it is time to take an action and when the variation you observe is normal. This technique alone will significantly improve your forecasting and planning capabilities.

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