NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


The Heart of Innovation

Engage hearts to cultivate innovation and success.

We are told that innovation comes from thinking differently, by stepping outside of the box, or colouring outside of the lines. Is it really that easy? If it is, then why do so many people, let alone teams, struggle to be innovative? What’s really behind a different thought? What does it really take to build a culture of innovation?

The answers might surprise you. While interviewing dozens of inspiring successful leaders, a simple truth was revealed: Innovation requires connection. Connection requires engaging hearts. Engaging hearts means dancing in the realm of the realness of humans and their emotions.

This talk explores the power of the heart to cultivate innovation and success. True stories and secrets of these incredible leaders are shared to inspire and invite you to apply simple approaches to cultivate powerful shifts at work. 

This is the game changer you didn’t know you were looking. It is what it takes to retain the most incredible people. It is what leads to customers and clients who rave about your company. This is the heart of innovation.

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