Using 8D approach to develop product team

8D (Eight Disciplines Problem Solving) is powerful problem-solving tool. It helps to be better team

8D method is used not only in the automotive  industry, but in all areas where Quality Management System (QMS) is implemented. We use the 8D method for problem analysis that occurs during the software development process.

Let’s look at our example of using this technique for the problem: «Too much regression bugs»

 We should remember three rules: The first rule of quality management system implementation is engagement of managers in all levels. The second sounds like «we should not find a guilty person,  we try to find problems in process». And the third,  the product Team should have the open mind for understanding, adopting and using the QMS tools.

We discussed all 8 steps for our problem using 5W2H, 5 Why and Fishbone methods. We found out that the containment actions only don't allow the present problem spread. But it isn't solve the problem. Unfortunately, in common way Systematic Problem Solving stops on this step. And such problem can occur again and again.

Using 8D we receive:

A more cohesive Тeam involved in the process. Improvement of the process and product quality. Increasing the team responsibility for the product quality. Team development.
Preventing problems in the future.

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