Realizing Value in a Complex World Workshop

Full-Day Tutorial (6 hours)

Methods and mindset for amplifying customer value


9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday 12th


Product Owners, Product management, Portfolio Owners, Delivery Team members, company leadership.


  • Introduction to complexity theory and how to use it in Agile
  • Cynefin for situational awareness and decision making
  • How to create safe-to-fail experiments
  • Sense-making and how to apply in verifying value

Delivering value is at the core of the Agile mindset, but, with today’s world being increasingly volatile and uncertain, realizing that value with conventional thinking is almost impossible.  This puts your company at risk by wasting valuable resources working on the wrong things.   In this workshop, we dive in on how we use complexity theory to make better sense of understanding the measurement and amplification of customer value.  This includes: an introduction to complexity theory and how it is used in Agile; an in-depth overview of frameworks like Cynefin for situational awareness and decision making; how to use value-driven life cycles to amplify great results; and hands-on creation of safe-to-fail experimentation and other methods to continually challenge that we are working on the right things.   This course is designed for people responsible for making decisions in dynamic situations, testing value in all aspects of product or service development, and in improving organizational innovation.   

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