NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Eddy Bruin

Eddy Bruin

Eddy Bruin has been working as a test consultant from the beginning of 2008. His passion lies in the areas of agile, testing, usability and mobile. He helps teams in enabling feedback loops in order to deliver better products. Eddy loves giving training on Agile Testing and to discuss the topic over a special beer. Eddy currently is an agile coach for an international bank.

Sessions Hosted by Eddy Bruin

Agile Games Night

19:30-22:00 Wednesday 14th Room F1+F2+F3

45-minute Keynote

All levels

9:10-9:55 Friday 16th Room F1+F2+F3

120-minutes Workshop

All levels

10:15-12:15 Friday 16th Room F1+F2+F3

Other Events:

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