Bringing in change when you don’t have a Leadership job title

Challenging the idea that leadership comes with a title

Bringing in change into a project or an organisation when you don’t have the title like Test Manager or Test Lead or Test coach, which people usually respond to, can be difficult. You may find that people respond to titles and unsurprisingly, aren’t excited about change - even when it can make their lives easier. But initially, they don’t know that.



I’d like to share my experiences on bringing in change to a project, where my title was only “Agile Tester”. But after a few months, I started to make change happen, first but getting people in my team to stop doing test cases, and start trying out Structured Exploratory Testing, second by  delivering workshops so people can learn new skills and encouraging others to deliver workshops and lastly, by helping create an atmosphere of open dialogue where ideas and people’s opinions are heard and acknowledged. No fancy job title needed.


By the end of this talk, I hope to encourage you, to take action the following week, (after the conference) towards things making things better on your project whether you are a Junior Tester, Senior Test Analyst, Quality Coach or Test Director. You don’t need to be a manager or someone with a title to make things better in your project. YOU can make it happen.

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