November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


[SOLD OUT] Build a testing super team [SOLD OUT]

How to build a productive and successful testing team

Are you ready to start your adventure to become a software testing hero? By using the principles of transparency, predictability and productivity, Trish Khoo will teach you how to turn your ordinary testing team into a super testing team!

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Build a strong brand for your team so everybody loves you

  • Measure the right things to gain recognition from management

  • Set expectations well to prevent people from getting mad at you later

  • Create a testing project and make sure it actually gets done

The workshop will consist of several training sessions and a fun (and educational) Dungeons & Dragons style roleplaying session at the end to practice what you have learned. No former D&D experience required!

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