Invest in You: Top 6 Reasons to Attend AgileTD USA

Invest in You: Top 6 Reasons to Attend AgileTD USA

The conference season is upon us and you may be wondering why the Agile Testing Days USA edition is known as North America’s greatest agile testing festival?

The reason is simple. Agile professionals like yourself are investing your software quality practices, personal development, and making life-long friends in the process. Here are 6 reasons why you should invest in you and attend Agile Testing Days USA on May 22nd in Chicago, Illinois.

Hands-on tutorials 
As leaders joining new organizations or those of you hoping to carve out time to learn improved approaches to testing, AgileTD offers small group tutorials to get your continuous learning goals back on track. With topics ranging from breaking into AI and Machine Learning to learning effective strategies for agile teams, there are applied tutorials for everyone on your team to benefit from.

Gain an global agile mindset 
We know that an agile mindset is also culturally diverse, and as AgileTD speaker and attendee Emna Ayadi notes, “we are building an international community of testing experts around the world who are passionate about professional testing conferences to pair together and open new doors for ideas and international collaboration.” With so many leaders from diverse backgrounds in attendance, you are bound to leave with fresh perspectives and a global agile mindset. 

Meet your agile heroes in person 
Agile Testing Days USA this year will host 45+ agile heroes from across the globe. You’ve followed them on social media, you’ve read their published work, and now you get the opportunity to meet them in-person? This is a conference that packs more information in 3 days than many week-long conferences and you cannot put a price on sitting front-row next to your agile testing heroes. Read the full program to start planning your conference time here

Upskill with your global teams
With many companies employing remote teams, it can be difficult to have those invaluable team meetings in-person. Agile Testing Days solves that challenge by not only providing new methods, practices, and tools to help you and your teams up-skill together, but also offers major group discounts to get your manager or CFO on board. 

Access to emerging testing technologies
Have you recently been tasked with solving the latest automation obstacle in your org, but wish that you could just ask your questions live? The expo hall is an invaluable resource where helpful engineers will guide you through your challenges, share live demos, and make sure that you bring back invaluable information to your agile teams. 

It’s time to invest in you 
Only you know the demands that come with agile software testing in your organization, and only you know when you need time to recharge your battery. From social events to incredible food to opportunities to make new friends, Agile Testing Days USA is a wonderful gift that you can give to yourself professionally and personally. 

Make a commitment and invest in you this year by attending Agile Testing Days USA!

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