We follow the movement against black people’s discrimination and abuse and we are happy that many people hear and listen, as we did and do. We all need to keep listening and learning and of course question or change our behavior. We are all humans and have the same rights and deserve the same respect. We need to stand together and fight against society’s cancer, called racism. Racism must not have a place in the world.

The community that follows us knows that our company, trendig, and also our conferences Agile Testing Days have set standards for the attendees, speakers and business partners based on diversity and inclusion. These are part of our deepest believes.

When we started 22 years ago we fought for diversity and inclusion and have been fighting for that since. Race, Religion, Gender, Nationality, Sexual Orientation or Social Status did not and do not play any roll in our company or events.

We support YOU, as you are. We believe in YOU, as you are. It is always about YOU.

We want to express our love and support for the black community. We all know that they have been going through a very hard time. On the one hand we are shocked seeing how many officials still misuse their granted power and engage in unspeakable misconduct. And on the other hand we perceive and support to the fullest the big hope and the love from around the world supporting the black community. YOU are not alone, WE stand together. We will NOT let it go.

We need to speak together with one voice.

We invite you to raise your voice against racism and violence. We did, we do and we will keep doing it.



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About José Díaz


José Díaz is the chief strategic thinker at trendig technology services GmbH. José is a spanish native and studied Engineering in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Barcelona, as well as Business Administration and Computer Sciences in Berlin. 

José has particularly dedicated himself to advising companies on their journey to digitisation and innovation management with the aid of design thinking. In 2009, he launched the “Agile Testing Days”, which have now become globally recognised as one of the leading industry meet-ups in this area, with over 700 international participants.