Invest in You: Navigating Your Why with Dr. Rochelle Carr

Invest in You: Navigating Your Why with Dr. Rochelle Carr

Whether you are leading a project or team, we all know that stress in the workplace is at an all time high for leaders. In a recent American Institute of Stress study, researchers estimated that job stress is estimated to cost the U.S. industry more than $300 billion, and when attributing the locus of workplace stress, 35% cited their immediate supervisors as the primary source. As organizations adapt to the current global economic climate, leaders are being asked to do more with less, while still seeking holistic growth for themselves.

But how do we navigate our own why in the midst of chaos and change, while investing in our own holistic positive development, as leaders and individuals? Fortunately, we connected with Dr. Rochelle Carr, CEO of Path Forward Empowerment and Agile Testing Days USA keynote speaker to discuss her years of research and applied training in self-leadership, goal-setting, and helping clients discover their own WHY.

Your talk at Agile Testing Days USA 2022 was one of the most highly attended during the conference. What inspired you to write and deliver your new keynote, “The WHY you are!”?

I am always amazed that people settle into a career or into their lives and never discover their why! The why, they exist, the why, they wake up every day, the why they stay in dead end jobs. Knowing your Why is the Cause and Effect that = Results. Without knowing your why, you navigate in chaos. 

As a CEO & Founder of Path Forward Empowerment and having worked with countless organizations, what is a common thread that you have seen between true leaders versus managers by title?

Companies fail to recognize what effective leadership really is. Authentic leadership originates through influence and connectivity. Titles are a derivative of your role and experience on the job, but it is never a metric to assess the individual as a leader. 

In your extensive experience as a business leader and coach, what have you seen as a recurring human theme around those on the cusp of unlocking their WHY potential and those that remain stuck?

Individuals that recognize their failures as building blocks, reach their WHY. Those that continuously view life through their rear-view mirror never discover their WHY.

In this current economic climate, it is easy to lose sight of the WHY of one’s own path. Is there a main takeaway that you want your keynote attendees to walk away with?

The most important day of an individuals’ life is the day they discover their WHY! When they know and understand their WHY the world can no longer place value or credibility on the individual’s life. They now control the bar. When you change your thinking, you change your WHY!

Is there any self-work that leaders should begin before attending your talk? 

Everyone should be able to identify at least two things they are passionate about.
Dr. Carr, thank you so much for your candor, transparency, and clear actionable items! I hope that our readers finish this resource feeling inspired on their continued path to self-leadership. If anyone in our community is looking to invest in themselves, I can personally attest that Dr. Rochelle Carr’s powerful leadership insights will stay with you long after her talks are over.

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Speaker Bio: 

Dr. Rochelle Carr is a dynamic leadership and development consultant who brings to the table a veritable salt-shaker of expertise as a business leader, coach, presenter, and all-round motivator. As CEO of Path Forward Empowerment, Dr. Carr’s mission is to deliver a passport to self-leadership to her clients through positive thinking, spirituality, and shaking off unproductive habits that get in the way of achieving goals. As a sought-after public speaker, trainer and facilitator, Dr. Carr works with companies and organizations in planning, executing, monitoring, and implementing parameters, which allow teams to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. Dr. Carr delivers heartfelt consulting services that are empathetic, invigorating, and highly-effective. Although we are not all born to be leaders, Dr. Carr believes that everyone has the ability to take charge and be the leader of their own story.

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