Modern Day Quality

25-minute Talk

Smart strategies to create sustainable quality with your team in the modern day world!

Virtual Pass session


10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Wednesday 20th


Room F2 - Track 2: Talks


Everybody who works in Quality


  • How can we create quality software fast?
  • What strategies can testers and teams use to cope with modern day testing challenges?
  • How can your team manage risks and value?
  • Learn about great collaboration in teams, new ways of working to create valuable software for our clients!

Smart strategies to create sustainable quality with your team

Software Development is a complex thing. We are dealing with complexity, confusion, changes, new insights and half answers. This requires a different approach as we were used to. We need people who are able to research and do experiments to create valuable software. Also modern testers are able to do or assist in automation. Working in agile environments and keeping a constant pace is challenging.

In this interactive session we will look at quality software, risks and value. We'll dive into strategies which help modern day testers to help teams create quality software and make software delivery more fun! Our clients expect us to speed up and go faster. So how can we fine tune our work to make this expectation real? How can we deliver quality software fast? As a team we can do this, but only if we collaborate… What does this collaboration look like?

In this session Bart and Huib will share their experience in modern day quality. In collaborating with developers and working with development teams as quality coaches. We'll explore and discuss testing. In our stories we will give examples of smart strategies and great collaboration in teams. We will shine a light on topics such as: quality culture, excellent software engineering, pairing, automation, quality strategies and testability. Stories that inspired others to up their game and experiment with new ways of working. Working together to create valuable software for our clients!


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