Rob van Steenbergen

Rob van Steenbergen

Agile tester @ De Agile Testers

I've seen testing in many contexts. My experience and knowledge in testing go from beging a hands-on tester, test coordinator, team lear, test manager, test consultant and coach. The contexts I've been working in are divers, from banking, consumer products, embedded software, government organisations, infrastructure testing.

And in testing I've worked doing requirements-based testing, data-driven testing, automated testing, rapid software and exploratory testing, and of course the traditional methodes like  ISTQB. 

From 2000 until now I have tried at least to be creative and innovative in what I'm doing and share my knowledge and experience. Of course I also keep myself updated with the latest knowledge from other testers via books, blogs and conferences. 

I'm also the world champion in software testing since 2016, because there was no world championship contest since 2016, but that's ok.

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