Getting a grip on exploratory testing with test charters

120-minute Workshop

Master effective test charter techniques for use in your daily work with exploratory testing as well with collaborating in testing with your team or customer.


2:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. Wednesday 20th


Room D3+D4 - Track 8: Workshops


Agile Software testers


Laptop for testing software


  • Understanding the real purpose of test charters
  • Setting clear goals and selecting the techniques
  • Executing test charters
  • Using test charters as a collaborative test tool
  • Get tips and tricks from experiences

Discover your next level to effectively use this technique to improve your testing. Goal oriented testing!

When reading about agile testing in blogs, books, or participating in agile test trainings, the significance of exploratory testing is frequently highlighted. Though while it is generally acknowledged as very important, we firmly believe that it holds the utmost importance in agile testing. It is the number 1 approach in other words. Despite its recognized importance, the nuanced focus on test chartering your testing sessions often lacks thorough explanation. It is often simplified as 'just having a goal for your test,' and at times, a charter is erroneously placed on the same level as a test script. 

To enhance the effectiveness of an exploratory test session, it is imperative to have clear goals, a well-defined understanding of why you are conducting the test, which techniques will be employed, the test data to be utilized, et cetera. Beyond these technicalities, test charters serves also as a technique in facilitating collaboration within your team and a means of communicating and discussing testing with users and other stakeholders. 

Using a test charter goes beyond mere template completion; it involves thoughtful consideration of your work, focused attention on critical aspects, it helps in team collaboration, and is serving as a communication tool.  

Our workshop primarily involves hands-on practice covering these various aspects of test charters and how they can be effectively used. In the workshop you will engage in both exploratory testing with and without test charters, delve deep into the true essence of test charters, practice creating test charters, and employ them in collaborative sessions. Additionally, there will be discussions about personal experiences to facilitate mutual learning. This interactive session aims to provide numerous tips, tricks, and practical insights that can be immediately applied in your work. 

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