On the road to agile A11Y testing

25-minute Talk

A11Y Testing must not and should not happen only after development.

Deep Dive session
Virtual Pass session


11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Wednesday 20th


Room D5+D6 - Track 6: Accessibility Deep Dive


Tester, Manager, Product Owner, Developer... everyone who is involved in development prozess


  • Agile A11Y testing is possible.
  • How to integrate A11y into the development process.

a travel report

I would like to report on our experience in the talk. How we designed and introduced A11Y testing in our project. What optimisation ideas we noticed during the implementation.

We want to report on how we have reworked A11Y testing so that testing can take place in an agile way during development.

This is where we are now. 

Over the next few months, we will be making A11Y more present in our project. We want to report on our journey in the talk. What was our plan? What was our goal? When we arrived at our destination: was it as we had imagined? Or did we have to adapt our ideas? How did the teams react, where were the challenges?
What did we not even think about and would have liked to have it on the plan earlier?

My aim with the talk is to enter into dialogue with other people interested in the topic. And also to let others benefit from our experiences.

Below is a current overview:

How it started

Accessibility was not yet taken into account in the project. There was no knowledge about it.
I was given the task of finding out what and how we could and should test A11Y. (Query of the customer's requirements)

The way it is now

First A11Y test process draft is ready. It is carried out regularly and the results match the customer requirements.
However, the project is only tested after development is complete. This means that there are higher costs if A11Y defects have to be eliminated. This leads to the idea of optimising the test process.

What it will be like

A11Y is considered in the project right from the start. The A11Y requirements are included when creating the requirements for the developers.
Everyone in the project has the knowledge about accessibility that is useful for them. Documentation, training and presentations will be organised for this purpose.

The aim is for everyone in the project to have A11Y on their radar.

The actual test will then reveal few or no defects at the end, thus reducing project costs.

Our next steps

We will check whether testing can be simplified somewhat.
We will inform the project management and the teams in talks about the importance and relevance of A11Y. And then together we will find a way to integrate A11Y into the development process right from the start.

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