Coaching Bootcamp for Wannabe Quality Coaches

Experience coaching fundamentals and use them to co-create solutions to quality problems with your team.

Give testers hands-on experience of using (and being on the end of!) coaching so that when they’re back with their teams, they can start using coaching in their day-to-day work.

What are the fundamentals of coaching and what does that have to do with coaching?

In the agile software development world, the role of a test manager, or even a tester, often changes from manager and specialist to coach. Becoming a quality coach, helping and supporting the teams is different from managing them or being the sole person performing testing.

But what is it to coach?

That’s where this tutorial comes in! The workshop is very much based on hands-on exercises where we feed you a little theory, make you try it out, evaluate the exercise and add more until we end up with you coaching a small team.


We'll use the workshop to explore the differences between managing, mentoring, and coaching.

We'll also explore the foundations characteristics and skills a coach needs and how to apply.

We'll loop through the following steps 
- Introduce a concept/technique.
- Discuss the concept/technique in smaller groups.
- Practice using the concept/technique.
- Debrief together in a large group.

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