Don't play the blame game

One of the growing pains as an organisation is the blame game, when it comes to bug distribution. Don’t waste too much time with this problem-oriented approach and start being solution-oriented.

You may have already experienced it. There is a bug and everyone expects someone else to take care of it. I call that the blame game and it happens on many levels in an organisation:

- You are a cross-functional team and it's expected from the backend developer to fix backend problems.

- Teams are divided in their domains, when the ownership of a bug is unclear and no one takes ownership

- Even departments like Customer Care and Development can have different opinions from their stakeholders about a bug Symptoms can be long discussions or even ignorance.

Teams distrust each other, technical debts grow, users get frustrated and the culture becomes toxic. In my own experience, I experienced the blame game mostly between teams when we grew from 2 developer teams to multiple teams committing to the same repository and dealing with a lot of legacy code. The blame game can occur as a growing pain of an organisation.

In this session you will get to know certain strategies about how to avoid the blame game which injects a culture of transparency and trust into your organisation.

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