Testing the Corona Tests

How to transform daily activities into learning experiences

Sometimes when “chasing” after “functional” bugs we often forget other important side of our products like “sustainability”, “documentation” or “user experience”.

Corona tests have been part of our daily lives for the past 2 years. Many of us (especially in families with school-aged children) have become “experts” in their usage. My own table looked sometimes like a "high-tech" Corona test lab, displaying 4 to 6 Corona tests on some mornings. But there are so many different Corona tests on the market! Which is the best? How can I choose the right one?

To get an answer to these questions I did what I do best: use my “tester brain” and “document” my journey. While “functionality” remains the most important factor it can be checked on different websites. But this aspect did not narrow my options too much. So, I focused on “sustainability”, “documentation”, “user experience” and “availability” to help me in my decision. And I made some interesting discoveries in the process!

In this talk I would like to share my insights and experience with you. I will use the Corona tests as a metaphor to exemplify how:

  • I used my test experience to solve a problem 
  • I learned to think more about other business critical aspects during testing
  • these aspects have influenced my behaviour as a buyer.

Additionally, I will show you log entries, pictures and some bloopers that happened during the experiment.

During and after the talk you will:
- increase your awareness for spotting other business critical aspects during testing
- learn how “normal” daily experiences can enhance your testing skills
- have fun and relate to an unpleasant activity which has accompanied us in the last 2 years.