Marta Woźniak-Semeniuk (she/her/her)

Marta Woźniak-Semeniuk

Agile Coach @ ScalaC

I am an Agile Coach and Business Analyst with a strong background in Quality Assurance and Accounting. I am passionate about the quality - of product, process, teamwork, and the quality of the life we live. My integrity, candor, and can-do attitude is an all-in-one package you get with a sprinkle of never-ending curiosity.

Sharing knowledge and experience on talks, panel discussions, presentations, and workshops - it's what I love. I work with people, teams, and organizations to increase their agility and learn together. My motto is "Embrace change. Avoid chaos".

I am a devoted bookworm and a total cat-lady. Part of a photography collective and fan of strong, black tea. Just started on a new blog as AgileWitch

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