Negotiation: Make your test strategy a constant consensus

"A Negotiation is a strategic conflict" - D. Marc Kilgour & Keith W. Hipel

Negotiation is a mindset, because most of our interactions boil down to our needs

Oh no, we have a jumper! Imagine you're an NYPD officer, enjoying you daily donut and coffee. When suddenly an emergency case comes in, so you drop your donut and rush to the Brooklyn bridge in attempt to get a man off the edge safely. What would you tell him? In our daily lives as a tester, we often find ourselves seeking approval & agreements. We may not be saving someone from the edge of the Brooklyn bridge, but that doesn't mean it's not an important part of our job. Quite often testers in agile teams find themselves struggling with getting the team on board with their quality strategy and standards. In this workshop we will show you that our needs and wants within the agile environment are not so hard to achieve, if only we mastered the tools to negotiate them. We will dive into the psychology, behavior and points of view that should be taken in consideration to win a negotiation. After all, negotiation is result driven communication! We will demonstrate and practice different approaches and methods through presentation, one-on-one exercises, group exercises and general discussions. We hope to see you there!

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