Testing the BBC World Service

Challenges, methods, discoveries and understanding our limitations, when testing a news website for worldwide users' diverse needs

The BBC World Service reaches a worldwide audience of 456m people every week and our testing strategies must take into account diverse requirements.

The BBC World Service reaches an audience of 456m people every week, with users from many different countries and cultures, that have diverse needs. These users read the news in 41 different languages, from many different geolocations, device types, network conditions and data restrictions. How can 2 testers manage to sufficiently test the website with all of these different user requirements in mind? In this talk, I will present some of the different ways we test the BBC World Service online news, the challenges we face, and the solutions we come up with. This will include testing pages in languages we don't speak, cross-browser and device testing informed by data analytics, testing with screenreaders, reacting to the results of experimentation, and how collaborating with others can fill the gaps.