NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


QADevSecOps: Leading a Quality-Driven DevOps Transformation

QA's integral role in a DevSecOps transformation.

As we integrate security into DevOps, quality needs to champion the transformation. Regardless of where your company is on its journey to DevSecOps, quality must be at the forefront for optimal effect

DevOps? DevSecOps? It should be QADevSecOps. Stacy will explain why it all starts with QA. As we transition DevOps with the integration of security, Stacy will share how quality still drives any effective DevSecOps transformation. Regardless of where your company is on its journey to a DevSecOps, quality must be at the forefront of transformation for optimal effectiveness and value to the customer. Many wonder where does a QA professional fit into a DevSecOps transformation. Leading it! Stacy will motivate through her experiences and innovative techniques used to infuse quality in every aspect of agile transformation from development, security, to operations. She will provide tips on how to be a subtle or bold leader that drives the true meaning of quality – which is value to the end user.

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