NOV. 15 – 18, 2021

A Testing Path to DevOps

Lisa Crispin

Janet Gregory

Basic concepts and terminology of DevOps, continuous integration, continuous delivery & deployment, pipelines

How testers can join in and contribute to DevOps activities such as monitoring, observing, automation

Understanding test automation needs and prioritizing test automation for continuous integration pipelines

Techniques for shortening vital feedback loops and cycle time

How to help the team keep improving


A Testing Path to DevOps

Tester and testing skills to help teams deliver value to customers frequently

Teams need confidence to deploy changes to production weekly, daily, many times per day. Learn how testers can help with this process and how testing activities fit in.

Jez Humble has said that team members engaged in DevOps build “a platform that allows developers to self-service environments for testing and production (and deployments to those environments)”. As more teams move towards continuous delivery, DevOps activities gain in visibility and importance. DevOps is the intersection of testing, development and operations. How can you help your team progress along its DevOps journey? Is there a “Test” in “DevOps”? How does it relate to continuous delivery?

This hands-on tutorial starts with basic terminology and principles for DevOps and continuous delivery that allows you to start collaborating for these activities. You’ll participate in a fun simulation to learn how to build effective delivery pipelines and use test automation suites for the most effective feedback loops.

You’ll learn basics of monitoring and observability to discover how customers use the product and what errors they encounter, to help focus testing activities. Finally you’ll learn ways to design small experiments to help your team succeed with continuous testing and delivery.

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