Negotiation: How to Master Critical Conversations

Learn what makes negotiation tick, that it can be a win-win game, that it can be fun and start practising with lots of tips and techniques for all walks of life

Are you frustrated by conversations that go nowhere in spite of your best efforts to grow your career? Do you find meetings on professional development die a death without positive outcomes? Do you wish you could get more of your own way for the greater good?

Tom and Ben believe that leadership begins with ourselves. And that most conversations involve some form of negotiation, from negotiating for organisational change to a pay rise and where to go for lunch.

Join two experienced agile coaches who rely on negotiation every day to influence and drive agile transformation, for a chance to grow your negotiation skills and put them to the test in a safe, friendly and playful environment designed to help you be at your best.

This fun and interactive workshop is based on the negotiation techniques used by FBI Agent Chris Voss, who has used it successfully from hostage negotiations to MBA classrooms and even at home.

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