Lizaveta Nikalayevich (she/her/her)

Lizaveta Nikalayevich

QA engineer @ Freeletics

Meet Liza, a seasoned QA Engineer from Belarus with 8 years of experience combining manual and automation testing. Currently fostering culture of quality at Freeletics, Germany. 

At work and outside of work, Liza's a genuine adventurer. Exploring new horizons and pushing her limits is where she finds her groove, whether it's taking on a new role coaching people to do testing or climbing the Himalayas. After encountering the wisdom encapsulated in "Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling" by Edgar and Peter Schein, Liza has embarked on a quest to refine her communication abilities.  ©️ ChatGPT

2024 Sessions Hosted by Lizaveta Nikalayevich