Julia Durán (she/her/her)

Julia Durán

Test Engineer @ Glofox

I've been working in IT for more than 18 years, of which more than 16 I have been in Testing. I've recently turned my professional career around, leaving management tasks and returning to Testing, which is my passion!! I always work result-oriented and believe in continuous learning. In order to improve the projects for which I am responsible I love to experiment in order to find changes that create improvements. My attitude and positive mindset in all situations allow me to enable those who work with me to achieve their best. Being a volunteer organizer of the European Testing Conference as part of a multidisciplinary, multicultural team, distributed over various time zones and collaborating in a language which I don’t speak natively gave me a new perspective on where I wanted to take my professional career. And I finally got it! Currently updating my technical skills, training in Testing Automation and Exploratory Testing.

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