Claire Van Der Meulen

Claire Van Der Meulen

Consultant, mentor & coach @ CTG

Agilist, coach, project lead, connector, conversational detective & mentor @CTG

Claire is a seasoned Agile Coach with a passion for people and building relationships that matter. She has a creative mind in continuous search of new conundrums to master and solve.

Getting close to 2 decades of experience in project and program management, working in diverse sectors ranging from automotive to government, Claire has a down-to-earth approach when it comes to people, processes and challenges. Over the past decade, her focus grew more towards the people side, so she took the lead in setting up a mentorship program, mentoring & coaching coworkers.

She loves the outdoors, takes pleasure in the simple joys of life and recently grew her family with Tess, the German Shephard, and Wolf, the Malinois. She firmly believes in mens sana in corpore sano.

Her motto? Live. Love. Life!

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