The Trinity of Trust

25-minute Talk

You cannot force trust, it can take time, and may never happen, and in an organizational hierachy this becomes even more true.

Virtual Pass session


2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Friday 22nd


Room F2 - Track 2: Talks


Managers, employees, anyone


  • Trust is vital for involved employees, and you need to understand why
  • Understand the relationship between trust and power
  • Understand the limits of bi-directional trust between managers and employees
  • Understand how organisations can benefit of the trinity of trust

Trust - it’s a feeling, it’s something that you can earn, something you can offer, some just have it. It can be hard to establish, and is easily broken.

Back in the days management had a tendency to manage by executive power. Trust wasn’t necessarily there. Maybe it wasn’t even needed, you just had to do your job, not be involved. Times have changed, and in a modern management style we try to build trust between managers and employees, because today companies generally want everyone to be involved.

Trust is vital for involved employees. There are plenty of models and manifestos that make this abundantly clear. Søren, as a manager, puts a lot of effort in the trustful relationship, but some employees will simply never trust their manager. Based on the stories employees have told Vincent, it becomes clearly visible that many would rather talk to him about problems than with their manager. This presents an interesting conundrum.

If we combine the experiences of Søren and Vincent, an incomplete picture forms. Could it be that in the trustful relationship between managers and their employees a third agent is missing?

During this talk we’ll dive into this conundrum and explore our solution: The Trinity of Trust. We’ll go into how trust works, how it manifests in relationships between professionals and provide a new perspective on why this is so. Using the model, we then introduce a third person in the usually bi-directional trust relationship. With concrete examples, we’ll show you how to use this model to improve levels of trust within your company and hopefully get people even more involved!


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