Crafting Modular Web Test Frameworks

Full-Day Tutorial (6 hours)

Master adaptable test automation with Playwright & Selenium, focusing on universal principles for efficient, transferable GUI testing skills and streamlined test frameworks.


8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Tuesday 19th


F-,E- & D-Rooms


software testers, QA professionals, developers




  • Master fundamental test framework principles for efficiency and accuracy across various tools.
  • Acquire adaptable testing skills for evolving tools and industry trends.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of Playwright and Selenium, and simplify web element interactions.
  • Learn efficient GUI management and streamline test execution processes.
  • Discover strategies for effortless and scalable test data generation.

Discover the art of versatile testing with Playwright & Selenium: Learn essential skills for crafting adaptable, future-proof web testing solutions.

In the ever-changing field of software testing, the emphasis on understanding core principles of effective test framework design is vital. This tutorial showcases these principles, applying them through modern tools like Playwright, with additional insights into Selenium.

Core Tutorial Concepts

  1. Universal Testing Principles: Focus on foundational test architecture principles that are tool-agnostic, such as modular design, efficient data management, and creating abstraction layers.
  2. Practical Implementation with Playwright: Hands-on application of these principles using Playwright, highlighting its unique features to enhance testing efficiency.
  3. Parallel Insights into Selenium: Provision of resources and code examples for Selenium during the tutorial, demonstrating the adaptability of these principles across various tools.
  4. Automating Complex Workflows: Emphasis on strategies to automate complex user interactions, ensuring thorough testing of GUI elements and user paths.

Additional Key Aspects

  • Developing an Abstraction Layer: Learn to create layers that simplify interaction with web elements, making your tests more maintainable and less tool-dependent.
  • Efficient GUI Management: Master techniques for efficiently modeling and managing GUI elements in code, which is crucial for reducing complexity in tests.
  • Streamlining GUI Element Usage: Strategies to optimize the use of GUI elements in both the setup and execution of tests, enhancing test efficiency and readability.
  • Effortless Test Data Generation: Explore methods for generating test data with minimal effort, an essential skill for efficient and scalable test automation.

Key Learnings

  1. Mastery of Universal Principles and Efficient Automation: Gain an in-depth understanding of fundamental test framework principles that apply across various tools and technologies, and learn to streamline test processes for greater efficiency and accuracy in automation.
  2. Transferable Skills and Adaptability: Acquire versatile testing skills that are applicable across different platforms, including future technologies, and develop the ability to swiftly adapt to evolving tools and trends in the testing industry.
  3. Comprehensive Tool Knowledge and Web Element Mastery: Attain a thorough knowledge of both Playwright and Selenium, creating a robust skill set, and understand how to simplify interactions with web elements through effective abstraction layers.
  4. Optimized GUI Management and Streamlined Test Execution: Learn to efficiently model and manage GUI elements in your test code, and master techniques for streamlining the usage of these elements throughout the test lifecycle.
  5. Efficient Test Data Generation: Discover practical strategies for generating test data with minimal effort, essential for scalable and efficient test automation.

This tutorial is not just about learning specific tools; it's about grasping the principles that underpin effective test automation, ensuring your skills remain relevant and adaptable in the dynamic world of software testing.

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