How to get started with test data

30-minute Vendor Talk

Get started to organize you test data


11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Tuesday 14th


Room E1 - Track 4: Vendor Talks


Testers, Test Managers


  • How to get started with test data creation
  • Get to know a general approach for test data management
  • What types of test data exist

Whether you are doing manual, automated, or any other type of testing, you always need test data. But to create it is often not an easy task especially for very complex or distributed data. From my experience a concept on how to create and management test data is often missing as well.

In this session I want to share with you a general approach for creating and managing test data. I also want to give you some insights how we started with this topic in my current project.

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