How Testing is Evolving in DevOps

...and how shall we evolve ourselves

As testing is present and important in all stages of the DevOps infinity loop, a test professional need to learn a lot to stay relevant and drive quality mindset

Can we be the same testers in a DevOps organization, as in the past? Is that enough if we know test automation, exploratory testing and many aspects of Shift Left, or are there any new aspects, concepts and techniques that a tester shall be aware of? Are we able to Shape testing with the current competencies, or do we need more?

In my presentation I would like to share my 23 years journey in testing, process improvement, service design and DevOps, focusing on how testing, quality assurance has evolved, and what are the areas a good test professional shall be aware of.

I will start with a quick recap on what is DevOps, describing the wall of confusion and the DevOps collaboration to break it. I will introduce the three ways of DevOps (Flow, Feedback, Learning and Experimentation), so we are able to discuss how testing is helping each of these. Then, as the main part of the talk, I will introduce what testing and QA activities we can do in each step of the Plan, Code, Build, Test, Deploy, Release, Operate, Monitor stages of a development value stream. We start from the middle and Shift Left, and Shift Right, and then we shift even more to both directions, until we understand how these steps will create a continuous loop, connecting Monitoring to Planning. For each stage I will represent testing activities, and techniques, as well as share what are the skills that a tester shall gather.

On the far left we will discuss about validation inside Design Thinking, and what techniques are used to bring us having BDD scenarios. On the far right we will learn about how Blue-Green deployment and Dark Launch is helping Quality Assurance, or how Canary Release and A/B testing can help with the Validation aspect of Design Thinking. By closing the loop, we will see how Monitoring and Observability is bringing Learning to identify new Features and enhancements, thus how we can test a business hypothesis. I am not going deep in the areas, rather presenting the big picture of what skills and knowledge is needed, and what aspects of QA shall be discussed in a DevOps Test Strategy. The aim is that any participants will find at least 1 new topic that they can learn about.

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