Unboxing your unicorn creative abilities

Get your mind blown with a creative game night

The game masters Patrick and Boris will guide you through a fun night with creative collaborative games to blow your mind. It is all about participation, fun and creativity. Short games that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Don’t wanna get stuck for hours and hours, this is the place to be. You can participate, come and go whenever you want!

If you need to be right this game night is not for you. We play games where your creativity and drawing skills are requested, don’t worry there is no right or wrong. If you don’t feel like playing you can join the voting audience.

Like the great game masters they are, Boris and Patrick have prepared different game modes that can be played with groups small to big. So don’t be afraid to come over, we come prepared to handle any amount of players!

Didn’t you win the MIATPP award? We have the next best thing. You can win the MCATPP Award

(Most Creative Agile Testing Player Person) when joining us.

Grab your device (smartphone, tablet or laptop), take your drink and grab a seat to dive into gaming mania!