Test Automation Basics with Selenium

Get your Test Automation Skills started with Selenium

This workshop is designed for Testers and Developers who want to get started with test automation with programming skills, but even if you do not have some, maybe this is the workshop where you can start with.

You will get insight into how easily and quickly you can set up your test automation framework with open-source tools such as Selenium and Cucumber.

You’ll learn the basics for building your test automation framework. Of course, in one day, we may not get every detail, but you will be able to use the presented open source framework in your project and know how to extend it.

This tutorial is for people already familiar with the basics of using an IDE such as IntelliJ (or Eclipse.)


Required Setup for your Laptop if you want to praticse on your own:

  • IntelliJ Eclipse (Community Edition is fine and free)
  • with Plugins of Cucumber
  • Java (JDK 17) and Kotlin 
  • Maven (version 3.3.3)

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