Jack of all Trades

Do you have what it takes?

In Jack of all Trades we test teams abilities to be agile in a number of agile games.

This could be the Games Night 2.0: People will team up and compete in a number of games. The Jack of all Trades will be the team that survives all the games. The games will cover the different aspects of Agility. Fun, learning and beer, was woll ein Mensch nog mehr?

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Full-Day Tutorial (6-hour Workshop)

9:00-17:00 F-,E- & D-Rooms

Holistic Testing: Effective strategies for agile teams

Bonus Session

10:45-12:30 Room D3+D4 - Track 8: Bonus Sessions

Would Heu-Risk it: What’s in the cards for you?

Full-Day Tutorial (6-hour Workshop)

9:00-17:00 F-,E- & D-Rooms

Let’s lead quality together!

Equipment required

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