Get Your Ideas Moving

Bonus Session

Exchange experiences while exploring some famous sights in beautiful Potsdam


2:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. Wednesday 17th


Meet @ Hotel Entrance - Outdoor Session


Everyone who is attending the conference


Clothing to match the weather and sturdy shoes


  • Learn what others experienced at the conference
  • Meet new people
  • Explore historic sites of Potsdam , e.g. Sanssouci, Potsdamer Stadtschloss, etc
  • Let your thoughts and ideas flow much more freely

Ever seen the highlights of Potsdam? Join us for a guided tour on foot and get your ideas moving

Have you ever felt that you:

  • ended up with information overflow in the afternoon?
  • never really got to see anything but the hotel and conference area?
  • really could use some fresh air, but didn't know where to go?
  • talked with the same people you always talk to?
  • needed some excercise, but the Agile Morning Run was simply too early for you?
  • don't know anything about Potsdam?

Well, this is your chance to solve all of the problems above in one instance.

Join us for a guided walk around Potsdam. "All the truly great thoughts come to you as you walk." - Friedrich Nietzsche.

We get you moving - both literally and figuratively. Away from closed rooms and in a relaxed atmosphere, you get some exercise, make new connections and hear what other attendees have experienced so far, either at the Agile Testing Days conference or in their daily work, and share your experiences. The topics discussed are not fixed. Out in the fresh air you will be able to reflect better, let go of fixed thought patterns and find solutions to challenges. Literally leave the beaten path and forge new ones. Every afternoon we will walk another historic route around Potsdam.

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Bonus Session