Bring out the big guns: Load testing with Gatling

Gatling is a powerful load testing tool for web-based applications. In this workshop our participants will learn how to setup load and performance tests for their applications with Gatling.

Performance-related bugs are among the hardest to catch. Precision work is often not the best approach in this case and one is better off by bringing out the big guns such as the Gatling gun.

Gatling is a powerful Scala-based load testing framework for measuring application performance and behaviour and heavy load and stress. In this hands-on workshop we will set up test scenarios for a web based application together in pairs or small groups. We will then steadily improve the scenarios we created by incorporating feeders and ramp-ups until we get an accurate picture of where the bottlenecks in our application lie.

From there we will also touch on more advanced topics such as how to execute high-load scenarios where a single test driver is not sufficient anymore and we need to think about clustered runners instead. We will also weigh options on how to incorporate Gatling tests into the CI/CD pipeline in your real-world projects. Finally, we will wrap up with a brief Q&A session.