November 8 – 13, 2020

Hybrid Edition!


Test Strategy Workshop

Context Matters

Create an effective Test Strategy document for you to use at your own company by considering the details of the context within which you work.

This is a hands-on workshop where you will create a Test Strategy Document that has useful, actionable information without “fluff”. Paul will show what elements should be considered when creating a Test Strategy Document, what the outcomes are of a successful Test Strategy, and a reusable approach to create effective Test Strategies in your Context.

What is Context?

Many testers call themselves Context Driven Testers. But are they really driven by their context or do they simply perform Exploratory Testing or use Session Based Test Management whenever they approach a testing situation? In this workshop, Paul will explain what he thinks it means to be “Context Driven”. He will cover what you need to know and understand to be Context Driven; sharing categories and lists of context questions that he feels should be answered so you can better understand your own specific context. In addition, he will review some of the various contexts that he has been exposed to during his career and how he approached testing differently in those situations.

What makes a good Test Strategy?

We will review the desired outcomes that a good Test Strategy should achieve and not focus on the output. In many organizations the Test Strategy document is a check box in a big process and not actually a useful document. In addition, many Test Strategy documents are created from templates that contain a lot of extraneous information. We will narrow down the content to the “must have” information required to achieve the desired outcomes and eliminate unneeded content.

In this workshop, Paul will review the desired outcomes of an effective Test Strategy document, review Risk Assessment Strategies, cover heuristics that you can use to develop your own effective Test Strategy documents in your company.

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