When in doubt, write it out!

5 ways you can use documentation to help your team succeed.

Up your pre-release confidence and solve problems before they appear without slowing the team down.

In my team, documenting testing isn’t “extra work”, it’s part of the process, and our level of confidence before releases has never been higher.

We know exactly what has been tested, when, and by whom. We’re confident that nothing was left out. Our pre-release risk assessment sessions are well-informed. Everyone knows which step of the testing process we're at. If I go on holiday or am sick, the process isn’t blocked—the team can simply find the right Confluence page and pick up the slack. Test notes are human-readable and easy to find for other teams that could need them.

And the best part: our documentation doesn’t slow down our processes, it speeds it up.

I’ll show you how we do it and inspire you to do the same!

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