NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


The Inspiration To Change Workshop

Getting your team to wholeheartedly run with your idea is another thing entirely

When all of us get back to the office, we only know two things. One: All our deliverables are a week behind. Two: Management wants to know what value the company will see from the conference visit. Perhaps a third: those around you start to get out their list of why your ideas will never work, or were tried before and already failed. Having good ideas to try is one thing. Getting your team to wholeheartedly run with your idea is another thing entirely.

One way to bring your team on board is to run your own custom training based on what you learned at the conference. In that you will explore a theme, with perhaps a few ideas, and could end with an exercise where the team agrees on what experiments to run and a duration. We’ll help you create this workshop and while doing so we’ll explore together how the brain really learns and how to make great, interactive training based on this knowledge. For our concepts and practices we’ll draw mainly from Sharon Bowman’s materials on “Training from the back of the room”, which we’ve been applying in our own work for some years now.

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