Test Like a Cat

45-minute Keynote

Scientists have discovered more about how cats adapt & experiment. Test with agility, like a cat!


5:40 p.m. – 6:25 p.m. Thursday 15th


Room F1+F2+F3 - Plenary


Manager, Tester, Product Owner, Developer who does testing, Scrum Master


  • Survive with Dignity
  • Hunt Effectively
  • Communicate for Results
  • Optimize Surroundings

Learn from the cutest murder machines on earth how to be more awesome at agile testing.

Since the days before recorded history, dogs have been man’s best friend. Dogs obey the pack rules based on an established hierarchy, providing stability for the greater good. With their positivity and teamwork ability, dogs demonstrate traits that are admirable in a friend, colleague or employee. As an industry, software practitioners have dog traits well ingrained in our culture. It is time to move beyond, and while keeping the good traits we can learn from dogs, incorporate more tricks from cats.

Cats have a different history, being revered as Gods in ancient Egypt. They have yet to forget it. Cats will be fine with or without our approval or intervention, giving them a distinct survival advantage. Cats are charming with an alluring purr that contributes to healing as well as soothing the stress of their human companions. Feline traits like patience and seeing in the dark are a huge advantage when lacking vital information. Cats come equipped with whiskers (an excellent adaptable tool of self-awareness) that help them determine in advance what routes are possible, and which to rule out. Like cats, agile testers may share separate territory, be a part of a larger group, or be a lone feral practitioner in the wilds of a project. While testing, we may have detailed user stories and easy collaboration with others or we may have absolutely nothing. If we test like a cat we will survive either way.

The dog days of testing are over. Don’t work like a dog. Test like a cat!

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