NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Lanette Creamer

Lanette Creamer

Lanette hails from Seattle and combines a deep love of testing, glitter, kitties and terrible puns. Her test databases definitely have the highest incidence of cat pictures! Outside of work, she enjoys reading fantasy series, knitting and world travel. Her testing career began with a short contract that turned into 10 years of testing at Adobe, mostly working on InDesign and the Creative Suites, several years as an Independent Consultant, and currently works for The Omni Group as a Software Test Pilot.

Sessions Hosted by Lanette Creamer

45-minute Keynote

All levels

17:40-18:25 Thursday 15th Room F1+F2+F3

Thursday Evening Keynote Questions & Answers Open Space

18:25-18:55 Thursday 15th "Fritze" Pub - Open Space Track

Other Events:

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