So…You think you’re doing Agile? Change your reality!

This workshop brings you into the middle of a struggling “agile” project and gives you techniques to

Picture this: you join an agile team in the middle of iteration 3 and you discover that although they say they’re “doing Agile”, they certainly are not. The team doesn’t realize they’re struggling, yet. After all, they are following the agile process; they are putting stories in Jira, holding daily standups, and performing retrospectives. In truth, though, they are basically following mini waterfalls, trying to deliver “stories” that are really the size of epics or features.

This workshop brings you into the middle of an agile project and gives you techniques to identify areas to improve. You’ll discover patterns in which non-agile projects are disguised as agile projects. Learn how you as a team member can help get the project back on track without alienating your team members.  For example, you’ll practice ways to explain why small stories are beneficial and articulate why it is important to think test first, not last.

Janet and Susan provide a hands-on workshop with interactive dialogues, debates and exercises to focus the conversations.