NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Susan Bligh

Susan Bligh

Susan Bligh has been in the IT industry for 23 years and has an enthusiasm for business process and operational excellence through the use of technology.  She has previously worked in all aspects of software development including programming, testing, business analysis, database administration, and training. She has worked with many projects using the traditional waterfall software development and agile methodologies.

She is passionate about bringing people together to learn from each other in the forms of mentorships, communities of practices and high performing operational and project teams. She has worked in many industries including financial markets, software development, health care and energy.

Susan was a panel member for a discussion about Community of Practices at the BA World conference and has a published article "How My Role Models Led Me to a Career in IT and Helped Me Create Work-Life Balance”.

Sessions Hosted by Susan Bligh

45-minute Keynote

All levels

9:10-9:55 Tuesday 13th Room F1+F2+F3

Tuesday Morning Keynote Questions & Answers Open Space

10:25-10:55 Tuesday 13th "Fritze" Pub - Open Space Track

120-minutes Workshop

All levels

10:25-12:25 Wednesday 14th Room D5+D6 - Workshop Track

Other Events:

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