Onboarding Engineers

Session video

Why does it matter

Onboarding is a first impression for both a new engineer and the organization.

For engineers starting a new job is always stressful, because we need to go through the process of integration again, processing a lot of information in a very short amount of time, figuring out how and what tool to install, who is responsible for this product, trying to remember all the names, etc, etc...

We just want to start working on this new cool product, how hard it can be?

What is happening very often is, waiting for access, not having clear ownership or not knowing who to ask for some information, not understanding systems.

All this does not give a good impression and for sure it does not feel comfortable for a new team member.

In this talk, Milan will share his experience of onboarding QA and Test engineers - where does it all start. It is the process that is constantly improving with the feedback from new team members.

He will explain what are the best practices from his experience and how to create a personalized space for every new engineer joining the organization.

We will hear and see what personalized onboarding space contains, how long does it take to complete and how is the time structured.


Participants will walk away with ideas on how to create a structured onboarding process, what value can it bring to both new engineer and also the organization.

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