NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Milan Kuveljic

Milan Kuveljic

Milan is a Head of Quality Engineering and tester at N26, the first European mobile bank.

He started as a Software Test Consultant where he was helping development teams in large organizations in banking and insurance domain to establish automation in testing culture. Later on, he has moved to Berlin to work on quality and reliability improvements in challenging Ad tech space.In the last decade he has gained practical experience in software testing and quality assurance, in particular, agile testing, automation in testing and tooling, which he is sharing with development teams to improve the quality and process of building software.He strongly believes people are the most important aspect in software development, thus in terms of agile, he has worked with many developers, testers and product managers and helped them to grow both technically and personally.He enjoys speaking publicly at the conferences and meetups where he shares his knowledge and experience.

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